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Hi all new to this story and my spelling is bad lol not shoot me, but u need to tell you about the woman. And what vivagals happened are not married yet, but in reality they have been together 12 years and have a good life together, vivagals but things started a little stale in the room, so to speak. I think that sometimes occurs hay lol but we love each other is a bit boring when we first found that poen each other and with everything he was talking about our past and lovers offs one to tell them more vivagals than me. liked what was then a little play and a good time when things lol I found my confidence always fresh hearing on his past sex life and she knew it, but hay I am a boy lol ffs. We chatted a bit, so when things went wrong i þort about the past and one night in bed, asked me what I thought (oh to walk when she told me it was) and I blurted out that I was thinking about his past, and she was a little surprised, but said that allGuys have fucked me ! Yes, I said, thinking they would get the hump and stop. But no, pulled on my cock and asked me what I liked about him. I said it was only fantasy in my head, but I liked the other guys þort vivagals your shit and tells me about it. I said do u want to go get another guy? I would have said, u want, u know me anything, I live cock, which is true lol. so do u want to fuck ? u want to take any of our frends, he said, but there is a guy that fucked years ago was huge down there i rember who told me about him, but he had moved several years ago, so there is no possibility of hav a little fan that he or someone else, then she started to say something but stopped. I wonder what wer u anything to say about the routine and was told to come to me no love, no order anything else, she said to try or custom as I was, I said it was the name of this man took a deep breath of it and was a cabinet and a vivagals womanizer, I satIdentification and WAS had a new girl who was with him and his new big dick. I bet it was a black boy who she said yes erm, say u want black cock of fanatics ? Yes, I've never had one and asked me what would be, I'm upset u? What do you think U vivagals still with my dick and vivagals it was not smooth, so I knew it was okay so it was that night, we chatted a bit about black cock from hell and had a fantastic next day was a little shy about him, so he took the bull by the horns and went for it and found a site vids was in a blk guys met and we went to bed, took the laptop with us in the mood struck her with the fingers, and showed a good wAS vids they love making it very wet, and she loved me, and then asked if he would try really, Str8 Do not vivagals tell them not away, so I think me and said u do don'tu stammered and said he is happy, after the videos you are great love u do not look so great in the down out there, but vivagals how big is it vivagals what u can do, then told him to mind the mind u lol I said no, the video piece went to I'd love to see or black fucked really looking forward rate alone can go for it hun Where do we find a man, I asked ? There's a guy at work who said a big cock, she, it, as you know is that only in the bathrooms has a herd wel Yeh the girl was going to talk to, what we think or lol lol no hun Yeh Yeh HAV so that he did this over here for something I know is what we can say that hav a problem with the draft and ask for a look at it and leave something for him to find the vids we have seen how a good idea hun u really want to think that if u don'tu vivagals do hun I know she went to work the next day and the line made ​​in his office and told him about the cold can make foned problem me and told me I was poping round favorite tonight Gosh, that I soon gotif you want to disable it so that we can think about it its well hun, I'm good, good for 07 bn. Round 30 and I got home, it was all over vivagals and becomes half or lose lenth dress hun lol well look what this thing told me to go to the shower is b here soon lol ok ok I went to pants shorts and a shirt in the second explosion was ding dong bell 07. 30 u get it, he said uu know him well and left the two pussy enterd the room was a great guy, 6-6, and I say hello hello free wines ed erm well built to cool itself dave m8 right to view something ed by that went out and got 2 beers I think I'll brb a wine that sat and watched some papers he had, what with this thing vivagals u want a cold drink order or 2 sue Yeh said, demand has returned to the emergency department lol with a big glass of wine and chatted ed until it is bad, also wondered what it means lol u Thurs wrong what they do or think is good to see all this jargon, yes, the websites, as u know it lol my work and Dave was looking for something bad do not tell me lolits your pc do not hav to do, do not even know how to do that thing on your naughty girl then uu tr I got the seat where I was and went and told Sue, what have been or something else that is not actually turn sue said that I do or show it only if u show me some fun then we'll see what he has done dave u ready for this right if a DIV in isolation they sought, they want to push the play button vivagals and it was a woman sitting on a huge cock and rides him blk for all that was worth Caray or dear there seems to be something a little funny fun out there and it hurts like do not know, never ed head told me u and u said that now she said she preferred loked Ed and kissed him on the lips, and both were for him, I lifted her dress and felt her pussy was dripping and dirty cow has no notches I looked over his shoulder and had his penis in an instant and sucked like crazy good, get what they couldin the mouth, which rose on the vivagals couch and the floor and opened her legs and said fuck me now, I want to hold me or told me a condom? Fuck it, Sue said the thing never going to go for it now, in my edition, I cried, vivagals and therefore complained in the press, and said his shit omg huge drive me, God was great and more than few at a time than all tho lol was just naked blue sue everyone sitting there was cum running from her pussy and I gasped, still had a hard -ed and masturbates slowly looked at each other vivagals and laughed all three of us went to bed and had a slower pace this time, fuck until about 3 clock was going to sue the morning with the editing work and we met that night for another great time and I or to say more, or if they repent of all spelling and me, we want to hear, if you want more than what demand dave n ed oh and do lol
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